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  • Ishak Iman
    Ideas To Live A Medieval Styles
      Have you heard about 'medieval' words? Medieval days are organizations and events that regularly celebrate the wonder of the middle ages. Maybe you can not live an original medieval life but there are some good ideas you can use the medieval styles as fun and hobby.
      1. Decorating a home or a bedroom with the medieval tapestries。。。
    4Ishak Iman V12 Years AgoIshak Iman
  • Adrian Adams
    All About Tribal Jewelry Around The Globe, Part 1
      India is one of the top exporters of jewelry. Jewels of extreme beauty are crafted by gold and silversmiths of the country with unique skill and care. Indian tribal jewelry is significantly appreciated for it’s tact in using flowers, leaves, creepers and fruits, metal and wood to design exquisite fashionable wear。。。
    4Adrian Adams V12 Years AgoAdrian Adams
  • Cecil Taylor
    Recycling: Saving Your Local Landfill One Mattress at a Time
      The average life of your mattress is about ten years which means that for each decade of your life a mattress disposition decision has most likely been made. That decision may well have been to keep on using the mattress as it really isn't that bad yet, or it could be replacement of that bed set with a newer, clea。。。
    5Cecil Taylor V12 Years AgoCecil Taylor
  • Roy Wagnor
    Dragon City Free Gold & Gems
      Dragon City was taken to marketplace by a Spanish Developer known as Social Point. Your own planet of Dragons, your personal pets to raise, breed as well as make use of the in game currencies such as free gems along with free gold or make use of known Dragon City cheats in order to power up your own pets as you play. T。。。
    5Roy Wagnor V12 Years AgoRoy Wagnor
  • Chris Harrison
    Popular Glass Beads - What You Should Know About Them
      You might have been wondering, like how I have been lately, about popular glass beads. Glass beads in many different craft forms are simply enchanting and fascinating. In fact, I am endlessly amazed by the variety of them I encounter on the malls and craft fairs. Sometimes I can't help from asking myself, "wh。。。
    6Chris Harrison V12 Years AgoChris Harrison
  • J Square Humboldt
    Cockney Rhyming Slang
      Sir Winston Churchill once observed that Americans and the British are 'a common people divided by a common language' ...
      Never was that as true as when describing the Cockneys.
      You've certainly heard their accent, made famous in everything from movies based on Dickens and George Bernard Shaw novels to computer-generated gekkos telling real gekkos how to go forth and sell car insuranc。。。
    9J Square Humboldt V12 Years AgoJ Square Humboldt
  • Felix Lehmann
    Crystal Skulls the Truth Behind the Legend
      There are very few archaeological artifacts that have been able to excite the popular imagination more than crystal skulls. These beautiful and lifelike skulls are believed to be the handiwork of South and Central American civilizations such as the Mayans or the Aztecs. These crystal artifacts come in two broad categor。。。
    5Felix Lehmann V12 Years AgoFelix Lehmann
  • Julee Mitchelsin
    Have A Favorite Holiday?
      In many countries around the world the calendar of each year is filled with many holidays. Each holiday represents something special to be remembered or celebrates a tradition from long ago. There are so many wonderful holidays to enjoy each year. Do you have a favorite holiday to celebrate?
      Perhaps you, like many people, love Christmas. I can think of countless people who claim Christmas as their favorite holiday without any competition from other special days. It might be the pine tree filled with or。。。
    5Julee Mitchelsin V12 Years AgoJulee Mitchelsin
  • James Brown
    Decorative Party Goods
      Consumers have many suppliers to consider when shopping for decorative party goods and at times, subtle differences in price will determine which party goods are purchased over other items offered at the same store. Party hosts search for economical ways to decorate party tables while still offering the party guests th。。。
    5James Brown V12 Years AgoJames Brown
  • Elizabeth Jean
    Florentine Fountains: Sculpture, Not Water
      While Roman fountains seem designed primarily for the display of water, the Florentine fountains exist for the display of sculpture. Certainly their outstanding characteristic in the Cinquecento is the tendency of the figure sculpture to dominate the structural portions of basins and shaft, as in the overpowering nudes。。。
    6Elizabeth Jean V12 Years AgoElizabeth Jean
  • Rene Thompson
    Tahiti History and Culture
      Tahiti is a beautiful island in French Polynesia, located in the southern Pacific Ocean. With a year-round population of 180,000, Tahiti is one of the world's top vacation destinations. Most residents live along the coastline; the interior of the island is almost completely uninhabited, with many areas accessible 。。。
    5Rene Thompson V12 Years AgoRene Thompson
  • Dominik Hussl
    G. Harvey
      G Harvey, who was once known as Gerald, is a native of the great state of Texas. From early childhood on, it was apparent to him that he had a passion and a great love for art.
      So, as a child he did many types of sketches and drawings and won over the hearts of everyone who saw them. It was clear from the beginning that he was destined to be a wonderful artist.。。。
    6Dominik Hussl V12 Years AgoDominik Hussl
  • William Stephenson
    Make Audio Books a Part of Your Daily Commute
      Have you ever felt like the distance between your home and office has increased overnight? The traffic, the crowds and the same boring roads every day, make this commute a true challenge for our wits. No matter what kind of transport you are using, it is not easy to sit through this journey.
      Some people like to read books on their way to and from the office. This is actually a pretty good idea as reading makes the time fly by faster. But this option is only for the people who don’t drive a car an。。。
  • Scott Wilhelmy
    The Claddagh Ring: An Irish Jewelry of Love
      Irish jewelry pieces are among the most sought after pieces of jewelry that are available in the market. These could now be found in many brick and mortar stores and in various jewelry stores that are available over the Internet. Of all the different kinds of Irish jewelry pieces, the Claddagh ring is perhaps the most 。。。
    5Scott Wilhelmy V12 Years AgoScott Wilhelmy
  • Robert Bremner
    Breil Watches Provide Elegance, Fashionable And Stylish Time
      Breil tend to be trusted and reputable makers of modern and eye-catching watches. Centred at Italy, Breil design denotes sets from originality to fascination. Introduced in 1942, Breil has changed into a highly regarded trademark internationally, introducing an identical level of quality and model.
      Since 1942, Breil remains to be a common label regarding glamour timepieces to boost a rigorous Italian disposition. Correct designing and customized qualities have made appealing series identified by avant-garde c。。。
    5Robert Bremner V12 Years AgoRobert Bremner
  • Rachael Towle
    Poetry Speaks To The Whole Family
      From the moment the shiny new book arrived at my doorstep, I was excited to see what this incredible creation had in store for my son and for me. From the moment I cracked open the spine, I realized it delivers more than I had hoped it would.
      Poetry Speaks to Children is a collection of poems and is accompanied by an audio CD containing many poems from the book, with most being read by the author. Even the famed Robert Frost's voice makes an appear。。。
    4Rachael Towle V12 Years AgoRachael Towle
  • Jack Labens
    Preventing Mischief Night Car Damage
      Every year on the evening before Halloween, preteens, teenagers, and rebellious adults participate in what is known by many as “Mischief Night.” On this night, many unsuspecting people become victims to these pranks, and often times have no way of protecting themselves from it. It is often random, so any on。。。
    5Jack Labens V12 Years AgoJack Labens
  • James Brickman
    Kua Number Explanation and Formula
      According to feng shui, Kua number is a personal number calculated using a birth date.
      This number can help to determine good and bad cardinal directions for a person. There are 8 Kua directions - 4 good and 4 bad. The good directions are: Sheng Chi (Success), TIen Yi (Health), Nien Yen (Love), and F。。。
    6James Brickman V12 Years AgoJames Brickman
  • Eliz Guide
    Home Decor
      Oh, the fun that can be had doing home decor additions! Redecorating can add that personal touch to the home or to an office space.
      Feeling some trepidation about this task? Browse the internet or walk through an art show or gallery to gain inspiration.
      Home decor can manifest itself in many fashions. Furniture and window coverings play an important part in how the theme will pan out for that space.。。。
    6Eliz Guide V12 Years AgoEliz Guide
  • Seomul Evans
    Small Wedding Venue: How to Minimize Costs of Wedding
      You're engaged! Ah! So now you must be very busy preparing for the most important day in your life. The problem however is that you are stuck in the dilemma as to how you can push through with a wedding in a budget-friendly manner. Read on and learn about small wedding venue and how you can stay within your budget。。。
    5Seomul Evans V12 Years AgoSeomul Evans