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  • Steve Gillman
    One of the Simplest Subliminal Techniques
      You may think you're not susceptible to subliminal techniques, but the research says that virtually all of us are. And of all the various techniques out there, one of the most common is a simple trick called "anchoring." Here is a look at how it is used on you.
      Suppose I were to ask you and a room full of others to make your best guesses as to when Thomas Aquinas was born. If you didn't have any idea other than "sometime in the middle ages," the average gue。。。
    8Steve Gillman V12 Years AgoSteve Gillman
  • Eliz Guide
    Pierre-Auguste Renoir
      During the Impressionist style in the art world, considered a main influence, French painter Pierre-Auguste Renoir was recognized for his audible observations projected through his work on feminine sensuality and beauty. Born in Limogens, Haute-Vienne, France on February 25, 1841, he obtained work as a child in a porce。。。
    5Eliz Guide V12 Years AgoEliz Guide
  • Jin Huang
    Where Did Chopsticks Come From?
      In much of Asia, especially the so-called "rice bowl" cultures of China, Japan, Korea, and Vietnam, food is usually eaten with chopsticks.
      Chopsticks are two long, thin, usually tapered, pieces of wood. Bamboo is the most common material, but they are also be made of various types of wood, as well as plastic, porcelain, animal bone, ivory, metal, cora。。。
    4Jin Huang V12 Years AgoJin Huang
  • Eliz Guide
    Finding Paintings For a Childs Room
      If one was to start researching paintings for a childs room, the search would be endless. That is because there are so many options thanks to the internet.
      Parents have options to purchase paintings for a childs room in galleries, retail stores or online. Many galleries offer their artists work online as well. This is a great way to add some decorative pieces and pers。。。
    6Eliz Guide V12 Years AgoEliz Guide
  • Wellington Farnleys
    Fun Facts About The Buddhas
      Please note that in the various schools of Mahayana (the ‘greater vehicle’) Buddhism (which includes Tibetan Buddism, Chinese Ch’an and Japanese Zen, etc.) most of the Buddhas mentioned below are 。。。
  • David Fishman
    When Planning Your Event Don't Forget The Invitations
      Invitations are an important part of the whole celebration. Homemade invitations are nice, but they are not necessarily unique. The main point to make here is that you need to think outside of the box--the mail box. Depending on the shape of the invitation the larger or more oddly the shape the cost will change to keep。。。
    4David Fishman V12 Years AgoDavid Fishman
  • Manny Ramirez
    2011 Fashion Trends In Urban Clothing
      2011 has arrived with a bang! The decade gone has made some really great contributions to the fashion world, but this year the days only just gone by clearly indicate a comfortable and casual trend in clothing. The best part about 2011 is the freedom to choose differently and be different. Looking back only a few days 。。。
    5Manny Ramirez V12 Years AgoManny Ramirez
  • John Creech
    Talking About Geisha
      Have you seen the movie, "Memoirs of Geisha," which starred the lovely Zhang Ziyi and martial arts expert Michelle Yeoh? If not, then most probably you are wondering about the meaning of the word geisha. Literally, geishas were traditional Japanese artist-entertainers in the 18th and 19th centuries. Although 。。。
    3John Creech V12 Years AgoJohn Creech
  • Kelley Wilson
    Ornaments For Christmas
      The holiday tree is the customary place we all love to admire ornaments & Christmas displays are not complete until the entire tree is trimmed and all the presents are underneath wrapped and ready to be opened for everyone to enjoy the holiday season. You can really find many different styles of ornaments depending on 。。。
    4Kelley Wilson V12 Years AgoKelley Wilson
  • Gray Ward
    How To Read And Enjoy Sad Poems
      Love is a universal denominator, one that can bring everyone together or tear them apart. Sadness is equally universal (and with love on the line, inevitable), making it all that much more powerful. Of course, even with the kind of eerie power sadness has over us, why is it that sad poems are so compelling, bringing an。。。
    5Gray Ward V12 Years AgoGray Ward
  • Lanh Nguyen
    The Power of the Dragon
      Vietnamese people are said to be the offspring of a dragon and a Fairy. Central to the nation’s founding myth; the dragon is an important symbol in Vietnam.
      More than 1000 years ago, dragon images were used to decorate the royal palaces of Vietnam’s Dinh and Early Le courts. According to legend, in 1010, King Ly Thai To saw a dragon ascend from a site in what is 。。。
    11Lanh Nguyen V12 Years AgoLanh Nguyen
  • Stewart Wrighter
    How Couture Styling Describes Gothic Era
      When one speaks of fashion, different cultures are known to follow different styles. One such prominent style existed few centuries ago. Famous by its intriguing name, the gothic style is back. Even some modeling agencies are known to promote the style. If the trend continues, it will not be long when almost every mode。。。
    5Stewart Wrighter V12 Years AgoStewart Wrighter
  • Felix Lehmann
    Cowgirl Attire the Perfect Blend of the Rough With the Smoo
      The word cowgirl brings to mind pictures of lowing cattle, galloping horses, green grass golden sunshine, camp fires, nature at its unadulterated best and energetic smart girls in traditional jeans and checked shirts. The various items of cowgirl attire grew out of practical requirements to handle the environment they 。。。
    6Felix Lehmann V12 Years AgoFelix Lehmann
  • Larry Christopher
    Faeries, Aliens & Otherworlds -Keys to Parallel Worlds and M
      Tales of Otherworlds are almost universal in folklore and myth. There is not space to recount all of them, but today there has been a renewed interest in tales from the British Isles and Scandinavia, specifically those related to faeries, elves and other such Otherworldly creatures.
      An interesting question to consider is whether these ancient tales were perhaps references to what modern philosophers and quantum physicists now call multidimensions, parallel worlds or possible worlds. These are 。。。
    5Larry Christopher V12 Years AgoLarry Christopher
  • Victor Epand
    More On Autonomy And Thankfulness
      Also we find in the Gita that on the brahman platform cravings are non-existent, and one is qualified to transcend this world and perform pure devotional service. Also one experiences true happiness of the self. I personally experienced this with my diet. I was thinking that life without cheese would be miserable, a li。。。
    6Victor Epand V12 Years AgoVictor Epand
  • Christopher Brown
    They Should Have Seen It Coming
      A comedian once showed a newspaper to his audience. The headline read, "1-800 Astrology Business Goes Under: They Should Have Seen It Coming." Everyone laughed, including me. We chuckled at the irony of a real contradiction here. If such a business could provide the service they claim, then its owners should 。。。
    4Christopher Brown V12 Years AgoChristopher Brown
  • Rosie Williams
    Vintage Bags and Purses Get Carried Away
      Worn and creased with tell tale signs from years of use and caring attention, a vintage bag is something to enjoy, nurture and reflect upon how it may have spent its past. Of course brand new purses or leather bags have their own attractions, be they bold colours, a fresh new smell or pristine clasps and buckles, but b。。。
    4Rosie Williams V12 Years AgoRosie Williams
  • Sam Vogel
    German Culture: The Hows And The Whys
      Germany has a rich cultural heritage. Before the late 19th century, Germany was a collection of individual fiefdoms and regions. This history is reflected in the country's cultural diversity.
      Why Should I Learn About German Culture?
      The reasons for learning about German culture and German life are the same as for learning the culture of any language group. Learning German language and culture is useful to:。。。
    5Sam Vogel V12 Years AgoSam Vogel
  • Matt Garrett
    Popular Short Love Poems
      Love and poems have always been a part and parcel of each other. The relationship between these two has always been very special. Love is a pristine feeling of care and affection and poem is an exquisite presentation of those feelings.
      Even till date, expressing your love through poems is considered to be one of the best options. Poets from all around the world constantly try to describe the feelings of love in creative and comprehensive manner. 。。。
    5Matt Garrett V12 Years AgoMatt Garrett
  • Nicola Kennedy
    Rosh Hashanah And How To Celebrate The Jewish New Year
      Rosh Hashanah is the Jewish New Year and is considered to be one of the most important Jewish holidays. All over the world Jewish followers celebrate Rosh Hashanah. They do this by gathering in synagogues for the celebration of the creation of Adam and Khavah (Eve), which they believe were the first humans here on Eart。。。
    3Nicola Kennedy V12 Years AgoNicola Kennedy