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  • Adrian Adams
    Buying Jewelry - A Crash Course For Men, Part 1
      Girls love jewelry. Guys love to look at girls with jewelry. Guys also love to see their girl ecstatic because he gave her jewelry. So why is it so difficult for a guy to purchase jewelry? What is it about jewelry that is so mysterious and so intimidating? The best way to lose the intimidation is to tackle the subject 。。。
    3Adrian Adams V12 Years AgoAdrian Adams
  • Gerardas Norkus
    April 2008 Astrology Tendencies For All Zodiac Signs
      Spring is the time for action. In April those who are used to delay and hesitate will have to make way for those who are bold and determined.
      It looks like Fire Element zodiac signs - Aries, Leo and Sagittarius - will become true leaders this month. New possibilities will open for those who didn't have enough resolution earlier to take various obsta。。。
    6Gerardas Norkus V12 Years AgoGerardas Norkus
  • Duncan Rooth
    Overcome Your Fear Of Speaking Foreign Languages
      Many people hesitate to try and speak in a foreign language . This might be because they don’t want to feel foolish, are worried about how they will sound, are scared of sounding silly and so on. As a result they remain resolutely mono-lingual during any trip abroad, preferring to speak loudly in english. These a。。。
    6Duncan Rooth V12 Years AgoDuncan Rooth
  • Roger Marlow
    The Metaphysical Properties Of Incense
      The word incense is derived from Latin word incendiary which means to burn. Basically incense is a compound with aroma which releases pleasing scents when it is burnt. When specific resins, herbs, spices and oils burn they will each produce a particular and pleasing unique aroma. It is used widely for religious purpose。。。
    10Roger Marlow V12 Years AgoRoger Marlow
  • Sarah Martin
    Middle or Georgian Period Architecture and Decoration
      As the wealth of the Colonies increased, there was a gradual introduction of articles of additional comfort, if not those of some luxury, and the architecture reflects these conditions in the construction of more pretentious houses with larger rooms. We also notice crude attempts at introducing architectural moldings a。。。
    9Sarah Martin V12 Years AgoSarah Martin
  • Mike Kearby
    The Hypocrisy Of Culture
      Twelve thousand years ago, small patriarchal bands of East Asians began an arduous trek across the Bering Strait and into the Americas. Over thousands of years, as these hunter and gatherers began to disperse throughout the Americas; new patterns of band behavior began to emerge. These patterns coalesced into what we n。。。
    11Mike Kearby V12 Years AgoMike Kearby
  • Sandra Prior
    Pulped Fiction & Paperless Books
      Close your eyes and imagine you’re on a beach straight out of one of those rum adverts. You’re in a tropical paradise surrounded by sun, sea and sand. You stretch out on your towel, liberally applying suntan lotion and reach into your bag for a good read. Out comes something the shape and size of a hardback。。。
    5Sandra Prior V12 Years AgoSandra Prior
  • Madonna Jeffries
    Tattoo Designs - A World Wide Trend
      Have you noticed that it seems that every second person these days is proudly showing their tattoos. You have the traditional older guys who have been wearing tattoos for ages as well as young women and men who have just started on their ‘tattoo collection’. The trend seems to be growing so rapidly that new。。。
    6Madonna Jeffries V12 Years AgoMadonna Jeffries
  • Adrian Adams
    All About Tribal Jewelry Around The Globe, Part 2
      American Indian jewelry differs from that of the designs made in India. Turquoise is a significant stone in the crafting of this type of jewelry. Surprisingly it’s not as readily available as one would think. Prehistoric Indians actually mined turquoise to turn it into jewelry which was primarily limited to drill。。。
    4Adrian Adams V12 Years AgoAdrian Adams
  • Harpreet Vohra
    Indian Jewellery Are Set With Precious Stones
      Indian jewellery dates back 5000 years ago with the use of natural materials found in abundance all over the country. These were in the form of seeds, feathers, leaves, berries, fruits, flowers. Even animal bones, claws, and teeth were used. Today, Indian jewellery are set with precious stones and gems alike in gold, s。。。
    5Harpreet Vohra V12 Years AgoHarpreet Vohra
  • Nola L Kelsey
    Thailands Yellow Ribbon Coup
      Do not adjust the color on your television. There are no smudges on your screen. What you saw on the news was not an illusion. When the Thai Military stages a coup, they do it with style and panache. It’s true! Their colorful fashion sense may actually be the reason no shots were fired during the uprising.
      Only in a Buddhist country would soldiers roll in for a coup d'état with decorative yellow ribbons tied to their guns. Yellow flowers on lapels and coordinated armbands were all the rage. Is it any wond。。。
    5Nola L Kelsey V12 Years AgoNola L Kelsey
  • Barney Garcia
    Biography Of Ansel Adams
      This article will feature some general background on Ansel Adams, a very famous photographer. If you are a photographer yourself this makes for a very short and interesting read.
      Ansel Adams was and is a famous photographer who was born in 1902 into conservative San Francisco. He was a photographer for over 30 years, and he also experimented in pianism and writing. His spectacular black and。。。
    3Barney Garcia V12 Years AgoBarney Garcia
  • Gray Ward
    Three Easy Steps To Sharing The Ideal Sister Poem
      A sister is a wonderful friend, a close family relation and one of the first people that may deserve a poem. Someone who has decided to share with their sister a poem may feel at first rather awkward but can rest assured that they are not nearly the first to do so. Dozens of the world’s best poets have written a 。。。
    6Gray Ward V12 Years AgoGray Ward
  • Eliz Guide
    Picture Frames And Custom Framing
      Picture frames for art work may vary in different materials such as silver, wood, bronze, aluminum, sea shells, and plastics. Even with the variety of custom frames in Houston that are available, the most traditional and widely used are wooden picture frames.
      The style doesn’t only have limitations as to materials, but it also stretches out to various textures and color. A common decorative technique used to compliment a picture being held by an older wooden frame。。。
    5Eliz Guide V12 Years AgoEliz Guide
  • Eliz Guide
    Giclee Reproductions Offers Fine Art Altermantives
      The way art is duplicated has changed drastically with Giclee reproduction. Before this method of duplication, the only way to make multiple copies of a work of art was to do it by hand.
      With the help of an inkjet printer, this process could not only make duplicates, but it could produce copies that looked really close to the original picture. A Giclee reproduction takes any photograph and transfer。。。
    5Eliz Guide V12 Years AgoEliz Guide
  • Arnold Hernandez
    Date Fruit Important to Western Civilization
      Dates the fruit are not very popular in the United States. Dates have been around for a very long time and we could even say they are responsible for Western Culture. In the bible we will see references to date palms, date palm fronds, date honey, and date the fruit. Date fruit was very critical to the survival of the 。。。
    3Arnold Hernandez V12 Years AgoArnold Hernandez
  • Susan G West
    May The Force Be With You: Adult And Child Star Wars Costume
      Everybody wants "the force," right? Since the movies emerged onto the big screen, every little girl wanted to be Princess Leia or Queen Amidala and every little boy wanted to be Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, a storm trooper and the dreaded Darth Vader. Adult Star Wars costumes are much like child Star Wars costum。。。
    6Susan G West V12 Years AgoSusan G West
  • Trine Madsen
    Christmas Practices Around the World
      Christmas is a popular celebration around the world. While each family or community has their own customs, there are specific regional practices that are very detailed and differ widely from region to region.
      In Italy, from the south of Rome, the traditional Christmas Eve dinner is that of seven fish. All through Italy, the Christmas Eve feasts are traditionally meatless, given that it is a day of abstinences in the Cat。。。
    9Trine Madsen V12 Years AgoTrine Madsen
  • Rita Jain
    Garba Dance Nine Days Of The Conviviality
      In Gujarat the most celebrated festival is the Navaratri, that leads to the Dussehra. Navratri, which is popularly known as Navratra, is a ten day festival which embarks on the first night of the Ashwini month, as per the Hindu calender. In these ten days the whole country is filled with the festive mood and color.
      The most popular activity during this festival lies in the Garba, a famous dance form that is carried on all through the night. Ad-lib societies are formed in which people of all faiths join in. The garb of the dan。。。
    3Rita Jain V12 Years AgoRita Jain
  • Dr Rosemary Lichtma
    Tips For Grandmothers During the Holidays
      At holiday time, the role of grandmother can be most rewarding, especially if you and you grandchild spend some of the holiday together. While buying and giving presents is important, the most significant gift you can give your grandchild is your presence, attention and love. And you know the best gift you can receive 。。。