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  • Kelly Price
    Men's Fashion - Developing Your Own Individual Style
      Mens fashion and style interests men more today than ever, as they realize that looking good is an asset in every aspect of their lives: Business, personal or, social.
      The fact is, a well groomed man will get a second look, your personality may be great but first impressions count.
      If you are serious about making the right impression you need to check out men抯 fashion and adapt it to your own personalized style.。。。
    8Kelly Price V12 Years AgoKelly Price
  • Master G
    G Spot Positions: Three Favorite Sex Positions to Hit the G Spot
      I read the other day that the majority of American's regularlyhave sex in just a few positions. Well, if that's true, its timeto shake things up! This article is on g spot positions.These are our favorite ways of hitting the g-spot during sex.
      If you like boring, normal sex, that lasts just 5 - 10 minutes,don't read this page. If you're feeling more adventurous,and are ready to blow your mind then please, proceed!。。。
    10Master G V12 Years AgoMaster G
  • Brandon Wilson
    Black - Fashion Constant But Do It Correctly
      Fashion is changing. But one thing is should be constant - black. Nothing is boring about the newest fashion in New York and Paris. This is a great tip, which professionals know that make models look brilliant. Black is the basis for two important looks, according to Sally Singer, Vogue's fashion news director. 。。。
    5Brandon Wilson V12 Years AgoBrandon Wilson
  • Uma G Bennett
    Gold Piercing Body Jewelry Practical Guide
      Adorning the body with gold is a sensual experience. Gold jewelry for body piercing is extremely popular today, a revival from a long history from the earliest humans on earth. Whether your interest in body piercing stems from the desire to be fashionable, as a status symbol or to heighten your sexual enjoyment, popula。。。
    5Uma G Bennett V12 Years AgoUma G Bennett
  • Frank Hague
    History Of Charm Bracelets
      The historical custom of wearing charm bracelets dates back millenia, and though the materials and designs on them have changed, the concept itself has never gone out of style.
      This form of jewelry initially had a religous function, and dates back to the prehistoric era. Based on data from Elizabeth Florence, president of the Jewelry Information Center, charm bracelets were first worn by 。。。
    5Frank Hague V12 Years AgoFrank Hague
  • Jane Fulton
    A Tumbleweed Christmas
      In those days, I worked for the Dept. of Motor Vehicles, in thestate of California. I lived in Lancaster, California, which isabout 50 miles north of Los Angeles. This is dessert area. Veryhot in the summer time and snow every three years in the wintertime.
      This particular winter was an easy winter. At least the weatherwas easy. My life started to crumble before my very eyes.。。。
    7Jane Fulton V12 Years AgoJane Fulton
  • Melissa Allen
    Women and Upper Body Strength
      I recently began surfing, and I have to say that I love it! Surf Divas in La Jolla specializes in teaching women and girls how to surf, and they do an excellent job at it while having a great time. One thing I did notice, however, was that many of the students lacked upper body strength.
      The sport of surfing requires the surfer to paddle out into oncoming waves to get to the outside area beyond the breaks. This requires upper body strength in the shoulders, chest and upper back regions. While most 。。。
    4Melissa Allen V12 Years AgoMelissa Allen
  • Rebecca Prescott
    Prostate Diet - More Gatherer, Less Hunter
      Researchers from Canada have found that having a diet of red meat, organ meats, soft drink and bottled water increased the risk of getting prostate cancer. They compared the diets of 80 men with prostate cancer, and 334 healthy men, and the diet just described more than doubled the risk of developing prostate cancer.
      So what prostate diet can reduce the risk of prostate cancer? Swedish researchers examined the diet of 1499 men with prostate cancer and 1130 men who were healthy, and they published their findings in the Cancer Ca。。。
    7Rebecca Prescott V12 Years AgoRebecca Prescott
  • Gail Leino
    Diamond Color - What's Its Grade?
      Diamond color is one of the four grades used in determining the value of a diamond. The stones will occur naturally in a range of colors, but the most common one are the pure colorless diamonds.
      Colored diamonds have color because of structural defects that cause the stone to absorb all but one color of the rainbow or in the case of black diamonds all the colors are absorbed. Because colored diamonds are 。。。
    4Gail Leino V12 Years AgoGail Leino
  • Marcus Grant
    Short Trendy Hairstyles
      Short is hot. Yes! The short hairstyles are yet again invading the hairstyles of the season. The simple reason is that a short trendy hairstyle is easily manageable, looks sexy and is in. Do not be afraid to cut short your long tresses.
      You have so many short hairstyles to adorn your self that you will find them really appealing and compelling as compared to your same old fashioned straight long hair. You are the one to decide how much is short fo。。。
    5Marcus Grant V12 Years AgoMarcus Grant
  • Barbara C Phillips, NP
    Living Wills - 10 Most Common Questions
      Today, more than ever, you need a Living Will. Discover the 10most common questions you need answered so you too can havepeace of mind.
      1. What is an advanced health care directive? Advanced healthcare directives are written instructions that communicate yourwishes regarding care and treatment should you no longer be ableto make your own health car。。。
  • Nicolette Beard
    Why One Woman Identifies With the Midlife Crisis Man
      I experienced my own mid-life crisis at 33 and for the next 15 years transitioned from entrepreneur to college student to helpmate and homemaker to entrepreneur to unemployed to employed to unemployed to commissioned sales to employed to unemployed to NOW. Quite a circuitous route!
      Yes a plan helps, but sometimes meeting our future takes a leap of faith. I started a blog as a leap of faith, and I wanted a career change. Did I know for a fact that there were thousands of men who might benefit 。。。
    7Nicolette Beard V12 Years AgoNicolette Beard
  • Sheila Dicks
    Shopping Tips: Get More For Your Money
      Everyone likes a bargain and it's this time of the year, whensales are in full swing that we head out to the stores in searchof a great bargain. The question is, are you really getting abargain when you buy clothing that doesn't fit well - a pair ofboots at seventy percent off but a size too big - or a sweate。。。
    3Sheila Dicks V12 Years AgoSheila Dicks
  • Betty Mahalik
    Your Default Settings
      Buy a computer--any computer--and it comes loaded with software automatically set to certain default settings. For example, the default setting for Word is Times New Roman 12-point. Last week, as I presented one of my periodic Best Year Yet(R) programs, I found myself referring to default settings of the human variety.。。。
    6Betty Mahalik V12 Years AgoBetty Mahalik
  • Maya Talisman Frost
    Mindfulness and Conversation: Northwest Earth Institute Plants Powerful Seeds
      A few years ago, I was the national outreach coordinator for the Northwest Earth Institute in Portland, Oregon. It was a very cool job. All day long,
      I talked to people across the country who were interested in gathering once
      a week with a few friends, neighbors or co-workers in order to discover more about their ideas, values, and habits affecting their relationship with the Earth.。。。
  • Michael Russell
    Female Infertility and Lifestyle Choices
      There is a growing concern about fertility in the wholeindustrialized world today. Almost 14% of couples haveinfertility problems. There is a fear that infertility is on theincrease and about 40-50% of these problems are associated withthe woman. It is amazing to note, however, that there are manythings that can affect。。。
    9Michael Russell V12 Years AgoMichael Russell
  • Kathryn Whittaker
    Sewing Machines: Making A Comeback?
      While we don聮t have to rely on sewing machines to satisfy our basic clothing needs, more and more people today turn to sewing to create unique, luxurious, one-of-a-kind pieces. Every family has that hand embroidered grandmother聮s table cloth or a hand-made quilt, and these pieces are as cherished as the most sophistica。。。
    7Kathryn Whittaker V12 Years AgoKathryn Whittaker
  • Fotoclipping Article
    Fashionable Outlook Enhanced by Glamour Retouch Service
      A picture is a memory that has been captured in time and intended to last forever. Unluckily that wasn’t always the case in the past as many photos ripped or faded and were destined to be throwing into the dust bin. Thanks to photograph retouching service that the pictures can now be bring back and last as long a。。。
  • Casey Buell
    Diamond Stud Earrings: Choosing the Right Pair for You
      What could be more stylish than the classic and alluring look of diamond stud earrings? With a brilliant sparkle and an elegant simplicity diamond stud earrings have no equal. An instant hit that will go with every outfit and any occasion, diamond stud earrings will never go out of style. No matter what your persona。。。
    3Casey Buell V12 Years AgoCasey Buell
  • Lou Anne V Carabeo
    Why I love Lorenzo S. Lim Jr.?
      1.he got a big nose just like me...hehehe! 2.he's my femaleversion 3.he's funny, very kalog! 4.he makes me happy 5.hemakes me feel sexy and beautiful 6.he doesn't even care aboutmy weaknesses 7.he accepts my family 8.he accepts me for who Iam 9.he's always there to catch me when I fall 10.he trulyca。。。