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  • David Lithman
    Paying for College: Scholarships and Federal Aid
      Well the weekend has come and gone, and I still have no students seeking advice. Please email me your questions, I抦 begging you! It抯 partly my fault because I抦 still slacking on advertising this blog. There抯 a lesson for all the students out there. Don抰 slack. I slacked a lot of my way through college. It works for the。。。
    8David Lithman V12 Years AgoDavid Lithman
  • Linda Emerson
    Flight Training - Get Up There
      If you love heights and you simply can't ignore the satisfaction flying can give you then enrolling in flight training is a solid choice. Basically, if you want to be a pilot someday, you have to undergo excessive flight training and proper schooling in an accredited flight school. Flight training should give you 。。。
    5Linda Emerson V12 Years AgoLinda Emerson
  • Jim Christian
    Online Accounting Degree - Expenses & Payoff's
      Accounting is a crucial aspect of any business to quantify the finances. It is a required element of all businesses and also is necessary for personal organization as well. There is a great need for accountants to organize and track bookkeeping in every industry. To be an accountant, one must obtain a degree and get pr。。。
    5Jim Christian V12 Years AgoJim Christian
  • Rev James L Snyder
      The amazing thing about contemporary American culture is its predisposition to organize itself into neat little categories. This "pigeonhole syndrome," referred to by some as PHS, (not to be confused with PMS), is responsible for much of the stress in our society today.
      We even categorize this stress, enabling us to compare our stress with people we meet. Some fear they will one day meet someone with the same kind of stress as they have and will not know how to label him or her. I。。。
  • B Blitterlees E Craboon
      Copyright "The Quipping Queen" 2005.
      CALENDAR OF ODD EVENTS - JAN. 2005-- Eccentric events and odd occasions to celebrate in January 2005 --
      **Compiled by Lady Beatrice Blitterlees and edited by Lord Earl Craboon
      January is, to put it bluntly, a bit of a merry-impaired month as far as the Gregorian calendar is concerned.。。。
  • Marge Holley
    Have I Ever Told You How Much I Hate People? Written by Two Little Old Ladies With No Friends
      People keep asking me who the other little old lady is. She must remain a mystery. Linda is her alias and she has used it many times to stay out of trouble. If I say anymore, I may blow her cover. As it is now, I may have to move to Boise and lose myself in the big city and also change my name if I can find someone。。。
    3Marge Holley V12 Years AgoMarge Holley
  • Cheng Guan Kher
    How to write funny ideas and make easy money.
      Avoid Cliches and you miss the joke!
      "Avoid cliches" - that's what would-be writers are always beingwarned. But in comedy writing,CLICHES offer a rich source ofhumor. In fact many cliches can be easily and directly used ascartoon captio。。。
    3Cheng Guan Kher V12 Years AgoCheng Guan Kher
  • Lance Winslow
    Space Shuttle Arresting Hook for Lunar Landings; Feasible?
      Can we land the space shuttle on the moon? Some say it is impossible, but not all. One idea floated in an online think tank recently was to set up an aircraft carrier style arresting hook and allow the space shuttle to land on a flat area or semi hard run way. Of course such a crazy stunt could be risky, but what if it。。。
    7Lance Winslow V12 Years AgoLance Winslow
  • Ken MacKenzie
    Student Loans Consolidation
      Why Consolidate Your Student Loans?
      It's January of your senior year and time to start thinkingabout all those loans you took to help pay for college. BetweenStafford Loans, Perkins Loans and all the rest, betweensubsidized and unsubsidized you 。。。
    4Ken MacKenzie V12 Years AgoKen MacKenzie
  • Lay Vicheka
    Cambodian Song Is Contributing to Discrimination
      It is exactly our desires to entertain and such the right is
      stipulated in many internal and international legal instruments.
      To me, entertainment is not just entertainment, but it does
      enrich our lives, physically and psychologically. However,
      converting into the world of materialism, I have noticed that
      one evilly negative element which is indirectly and。。。
    8Lay Vicheka V12 Years AgoLay Vicheka
  • Gail Leino
    Dog and Cat Party Fun
      It's my party and I'll cry if I want to - la la, la la la. Okay, so I don't know the words to the song but I do know bringing a dog or cat to a party needs to be approved first by the party host. Double check the front of the party invitation, who was it addressed to? Did it include your pets name? I。。。
    3Gail Leino V12 Years AgoGail Leino
  • Lance Winslow
    Augmented Reality and Holographic Projection in Colleges
      These days there is a big shortage of really good college professors. The professors are paid a lot of money and that costs students in tuition and well it prevents many students who do not have the money from going to college. Additionally we have too much political bias in American Colleges, which is brainwashing stu。。。
    3Lance Winslow V12 Years AgoLance Winslow
  • Callista Neuharth
    College Freshman Pitfalls to Avoid
      A person抯 education is actually never completed. We are all lifelong learners. We do however, have formal education systems that are finite and well defined.
      An experience that is nearly universal in western societies is the experience of grade school and high school. These institutions do more than educate us in academics, of course. They also socialize us and are part。。。
    2Callista Neuharth V12 Years AgoCallista Neuharth
  • Greg Gagliardi
    Hoop Dream
      Last night I had a dream where I was doing stand-up comedy in a gym, which in itself is pretty funny, except that my first joke completely bombed. I remember it so vividly that I keep having to remind myself it did not really happen. It went a lot like this: "Isn't it weird how people always think they'r。。。
    6Greg Gagliardi V12 Years AgoGreg Gagliardi
  • Aldene Fredenburg
    Volunteerism for Teenagers: A Great Character Builder
      Volunteerism among high school and college students is at anall-time high; many school systems actually build volunteer workinto their curriculum. Young people are building homes forHabitat for Humanity, working in National Parks for theConservation Corps, and involving themselves in political,environmental, and social。。。
    4Aldene Fredenburg V12 Years AgoAldene Fredenburg
  • Michael Russell
    College - Student Loans
      In this article we're going to discuss the topic of studentloans and what a parent needs to be careful about.
      Let's face it, sometimes your kid just isn't smart enough oryou're not poor enough to qualify for a scholarship or financialaid. Yet, when it comes time to pay for your kid's tuition, youjust do。。。
    4Michael Russell V12 Years AgoMichael Russell
  • Keka Lahiri
    Customer service in management education
      Ensuring Customer Delight: A quality approach to excellence inmanagement education.
      The system of Higher Education in India is on the threshold ofchange. During the last decade Higher Education experiencedimmense student diversity not only in terms of profiles such asincreased age but also in term。。。
    20Keka Lahiri V12 Years AgoKeka Lahiri
  • Freda J Glatt, MS
    Christmas Customs Around the World
      December is well-known for Christmas but do you know how peoplein countries around the world celebrate it? Here are somecustoms from various parts of the world.
      Greeting - Merry Christmas Santa's Name - Santa Claus. Childrenleave him a piece of cake or biscuits and a glass of milk or abottle of beer. Food - Many Christmas dinners include roastedmeats and vegetables, s。。。
    10Freda J Glatt, MS V12 Years AgoFreda J Glatt, MS
  • Lance Winslow
    The History Channel Moves into the Future
      Many people spend hours watching and learning on Television. There is the Discovery Channel, Science Channel, History Channel, Wings, Animal Channel and a host of others and they are indeed very interesting to watch. Some say if you watched all the history channel programs that you might know more about history that mo。。。
    3Lance Winslow V12 Years AgoLance Winslow
  • Anil Kumar
    Attitude development
      Your Attitude Matters
      There is very little difference in people, but that littledifference makes a big difference. The little difference isattitude. The big difference is whether it is positive ornegative. The fact you see or the state 。。。
    3Anil Kumar V12 Years AgoAnil Kumar